The club is designed in the old village cinema, the difficulty of the project is that it has 4 floors, two of which are only access: the entrance, the first floor where the lobby is a small bar and reception, the largest and vip.



22 Projects – The space of waiting – Exhibition of Students of 4th & 5th of UEL


RIBA Pylon Design Competition

Pylons are a necessary object to transport power, but they have a huge impact in our visual experience of the landscape. The existing pylon has been a success, in terms of engineering.  It has been a great choice both for its construction and for the way it transports energy. The materials, its resistance and the […]


Interior office space

Interior office design for Manhattan Loft Corporation


MADE.COM – Beautiful furniture direct from the makers

Made.com chose some photos from the interior design of Chelsea apartments to promote their campaign


L’espresso magazine

L’espresso magazine reserve two pages for the Moulin rouge competition where cocoarchitects were the winners of the competition for a new facade and interior design of this iconic building


Dubai competition Thyssen elavator

Ephemeral structures provides an impeccable example of engineering and design merit.

Render proposal

Moulin Rouge

The proposed architecture emulates the act of dance. The street experience is everything Moulin Rouge stands for.


St. Vicents de Montalt Town Center

Recognizing the town’s traffic accumulation through the main street in the old city and the necessity for a new social space, we propose the re-activation of the church’s surroundings.

Valencia Symposium

Valencia Symposium

Symposium Valencia Architecture 2009


Metalwork and stamping

A new image for an industrial mechanic factory was comissioned. We agreed to use the material employed in the factory to create the new image and reuse the scrap metal from the same. Our intention was to design a repeated easy material piece to obtain from the scrap of their daily jobs. Therefore we design […]

Africa digna_950_500

Medical Center ‘Africa Digna’

This project presents an idea to cover a medical necessity in Kenya as a collaboration with the ONG ‘Africa Digna’.


Tremp Town Entrance

Landscape project in a village in the Pyrenees, Spain.


Zug – Switzerland

This staircase creates a technical sculpture using equilibrium between metal cables and its steps and handrails. The idea is to tension a cable through each handrail in order to make them stand, balancing their position with a series of cables running between the handrails and the flat’s floor which at the same take are used […]


Housing Cala’n Blanes

Two residential houses on the coast designed on the environmental issues, playing with the sun and the views.


Viewing Tower ‘Ultramort’

In a village of the Emporda raises this icon in the landscape, a municipal water tank built in 1962.


TOMO arte, arquitectura y diseño

Tomo es un suplemento cultural que sale mensualmente en el periódico Excelsior de México. Es el único suplemento de arte, arquitectura y diseño en México que tiene una propuesta de contenidos y diseño fresca, original y profunda.


GPM Magazine

GPM Magazine advert regarding the Dubai ‘Ava Nya’

Lenox gardens_950_500

Lenox Gardens

In Chelsea we were comissioned a total refurbishment of a first floor apartment with a patio in the backyard. The concept of restructuration of space was asked by our clients to liberate the most possible interior. We are creating with materials and colours a minimalist ambiance with an confortable use of the apartment. Both exhisting […]


Housing Palamos

This project is a commission around a maximisation of space in relation to the amount of living units.


House Terrace – Tremp

The rehabilitation of this house in the old town of Tremp has various characteristics along the building. It has a tripple facade: the existing one, a thick void for ventilation purposes, and a new facade to protect the interiors of the building.