ZSA ZSA – Identity and Branded Applications

Review of Brand Identity. We simplify the Logotype more but narrow down to 2 options: with variations on each, shown in different styles/treatments.We retain the ‘Kinetic’ chain graphic in the brand but it is only used as a supporting device. The energy and style of this texture is too good to leave out of branded applications. Before club opening, the applications we develop, will determine the correct look and feel for the zsa zsa Club/Lounge... Read More

Interior office space

Perspective picture  Read More

Zug – Switzerland

This staircase creates a technical sculpture using equilibrium between metal cables and its steps and handrails. The idea is to tension a cable through each handrail in order to make them stand, balancing their position with a series of cables running between the handrails and the flat’s floor which at the same take are used to locate the steps. We are transforming a duplex flat simply with the new body that connects downstairs with upstairs. zuc4 zuc3 zuc1 zuc2  Read More

Lenox Gardens

In Chelsea we were comissioned a total refurbishment of a first floor apartment with a patio in the backyard. The concept of restructuration of space was asked by our clients to liberate the most possible interior. We are creating with materials and colours a minimalist ambiance with an confortable use of the apartment. Both exhisting chimeneys where left, and space was opened up in few walls to create the visual connection of the front gardens and... Read More

Laboratory Coll Garces

The important of the hall is the circulation of the space where it happens 3 activities. The administrations space, the patients hall and the two room for a consultation. We design an a big seat focus on the orientation shape. The materials are neutrals doing an interior relax space. And generetaing a white calm light. Laboratory pic 1 Laboratory pic 2 Laboratory pic 3    Read More