ASTANA – Interior Mall

Retail Shop Type – 1.1 Retail Shop Type – 1.2 Retail Shop Type – 1.3 Retail Shop Type – 2.1 Retail Shop Type – 2.2 Retail Shop Type – 2.3 Retail Shop Type – 3.1 Retail Shop Type – 3.2 Retail Shop Type – 3.3 Retail Shop Type – 3.4 Retail Shop Type – 4.1 Retail Shop Type – 4.2 Retail Shop Type – 4.3 Retail Shop Type – 5.1 Retail Shop Type – 5.2 Retail Shop Type... Read More

ZSA ZSA – Identity and Branded Applications

Review of Brand Identity. We simplify the Logotype more but narrow down to 2 options: with variations on each, shown in different styles/treatments.We retain the ‘Kinetic’ chain graphic in the brand but it is only used as a supporting device. The energy and style of this texture is too good to leave out of branded applications. Before club opening, the applications we develop, will determine the correct look and feel for the zsa zsa Club/Lounge... Read More

Dubai competition Thyssen elavator

The spectacular structure of the ground space correlates to the tensegrity system of the towering structure. The use of light wave aluminum sets a counter point to the massive structure of the core itself. The central vortex explores and benefits from the blurring of the boundaries of the relation between nature and architecture based on spatial structures and natural forms. The result is achieved through computerized studies and is responsive to... Read More

St. Vicents de Montalt Town Center

Recognizing the town’s traffic accumulation through the main street in the old city and the necessity for a new social space, we propose the re-activation of the church’s surroundings. As an extension to this area, with the intervention of few cuts in the climbing topography, we introduce new circulation, include over 50 alternative half subterranean car parking, extend the adjacent town hall and most important reactivate the area for... Read More

Medical Center ‘Africa Digna’

This project presents an idea to cover a medical necessity in Kenya as a collaboration with the ONG ‘Africa Digna’. We propose to create a construction with local opportunities, adjusting the design to Kenya’s possibilities. This first Medical Centre would cover the necessities of over 150000 people, but moreover, we see this as a prototype of a yet to come series of multiple centres. For that, we invaded within the design an integral... Read More

Viewing Tower ‘Ultramort’

In a village of the Emporda raises this icon in the landscape, a municipal water tank built in 1962. We were asked to reconvert it and proposed a paronamic wiewing point without loosing the memory and image of the tank. By creating a spiral shape around it base don the experience of the views of its suroundings, we acomplished a game of ausence and presence. Raping the new structure with a metallic mesh to obtain these results, during the day the... Read More