Housing Cala’n Blanes

Two residential houses on the coast designed on the environmental issues, playing with the sun and the views. We generating spaces based on the different seasons of the site. It´s a principal pergola with a courtyard to use the natural insulation. The swimming pool seat on the site and using the land for design the garden. With this topography the two houses are at differentiated hights but similar proposals. Menorca Cala’n Blanes exterior... Read More

Housing Palamos

This project is a commission around a maximisation of space in relation to the amount of living units. Working on an optimal plan arrangement, centralizing common vertical circulation and promoting natural ventilation through an internal courtyard we managed to place two units per level with a total of 6 flats. Due to the proximity of the neighbors, the narrow streets and the intensity of high temperatures over summer, a sliding faceted double-layered... Read More

House Terrace – Tremp

The rehabilitation of this house in the old town of Tremp has various characteristics along the building. It has a tripple facade: the existing one, a thick void for ventilation purposes, and a new facade to protect the interiors of the building. Perforations and openings contribute to structurally as connections between the old and the new facade. In the interior a patio divides the space and serves as vertical circulation connections all levels.... Read More

Hotel Spa-Resort ‘Ava Nya’

The project is located in the resiential area of the Jebel Ali in the Dubai waterfront. We were asked to develop a hotel resort with residential spaces, but most important, offering an ecofriendly environment in Dubai. We decided to present a proposal using the brezes from the ocean for natural ventilation and cover the proposal with a thick layer of vegetation for insulation purposes. With a massive solar pannels facade we create an icon of energy,... Read More