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Location:  London, United Kingdom                                       

Client:  Private                                                                   

Year:  2000   

Our entry was just 1 of the 250 entries for this competition, featured at the London Design Festival, bringing forward new and creative approaches to a pylon model which has not changed since the 1920s.

RIBA, the department of Energy and Climate Change, and the National Grid launched the Pylon Design Competition in May 2011, seeking to find the next generation of electricity pylon for the UK. The competition was an astonishing success attracting media coverage from around the globe and entries worldwide, with many prestigious architects and engineers submitting their designs.

Our P167 consists of 4 vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) built on a large surface area and covered with solar panels, with only 10 pylons we could supply 150 households with their energy requirements.


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