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Location:  London, United Kingdom                                       

Client:  Private                                                                   

Year:  2000   

Perhaps the name of Ultramort doesn't exactly inspire, however, it's a place where you'll find the peace and quiet in a typical town of the Baix Empordà.   The town stands on a small hill, surrounded by acres upon acres of crop fields.  Take a leisurely stroll around the old quarter, explore the square where the castle of Finestres once stood, now a farmhouse that preserves one of the towers of the castle walls.


The tower, a reconversion of a municipal water tank built-in 1962, provides unforgettable panoramic views.  The new structure consists of a surrounding metallic mesh that spirals and wraps itself around the base and still maintaining it’s integrity the tank is visible thru the mesh during the day and vice versa, once night falls the towers is illuminated, the historical monument comes to life thru the transparency of the mesh.



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